About Us

Welcome to the official website of No Surrender MC Russia.
No Surrender MC is an international motorcycle club founded in 2013 by the Ciganos chapter in Zundert.


Our club soon became the fastest growing MC in many years, both nationally and internationally, with a Dutch motherchapter. No Surrender MC is controlled by a World Council of Captains and nomads around the world, each country has its own National Council and National Administration. We are a motorcycle club with several autonomous supporting fraternities. In addition to these autonomous fraternities, the club is supported by several dozen support clubs and hundreds of recognizable supporters who wear our club’s support patch vest. Naturally, the club also enjoys the support of many people besides the aforementioned official supporters. Today, the club has over 1600 members worldwide.


No Surrender MC in 2020 distances itself from the past, both in terms of management and politics. The current World Council has a clear and distinct vision for the club’s future. Men who recognize themselves in our lifestyle, ride a motorcycle, or wish to do so in the future, and who are in any way interested in joining our club, can report it by finding No Surrender MC Russia representatives in their area, or contact us through the site’s feedback form


The branch in the Netherlands consists of more than 20 chapters and we operate internationally in the following countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway, USA, Canada, Australia, Bosnia, Russia, Morocco, Thailand, Suriname, Lebanon, New Zealand, Italy and Turkey. Given the international interest and applications, many countries will be joining us in the near future.
In Russia, No Surrender MC is represented by eight chapters.
Our club has no obligation to Harley.
The most important thing is DRIVE – the best feeling you get when riding your motorcycle in a big and strong brotherhood.


The main component of our Club is to be a support and give each other a sense of respect and mutual assistance.
We say Give Respect to Get Respect and follow this principle in all life situations. That is why our brotherhood is growing every day.